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Carbono 2015 – 6th Brazilian Congress on Carbon –

The 6th Brazilian Congress on Carbon - Carbono 2015 - will take place in Vitória-ES from 24 to 27 November 2015 (Tuesday to Friday) in Comfort Suites Vitoria hotel (, which is very well located (Av. Saturnino de Brito, 1327) in the Praia do Canto neighborhood, along with several hotels, restaurants, etc.


Carbono 2015 aims to stimulate research in the carbon sector in Brazil, disseminating technical results in the field of carbon materials, congregating the existing different research groups in Brazil and abroad working in this area, and fostering cooperation activities with national and international research institutions.

Important dates:

Abstract Submission (1 page): until August 14, 2015

Evaluation of the Abstract until September 07, 2015

Information on selection (oral or poster): September 21, 2015

Payment of Registration for corresponding authors: until October 14, 2015

Congress: 24 (Tuesday) to 27 (Friday) November 2015


Topics to be discussed:

1. Nanocarbons (graphene, nanotubes, fullerenes, etc.)

2. Porous Materials and Adsorption

3. Precursors, Carbon Fibers and Composites

4. Carbonization, graphitization and other conversion processes

5. Physical and chemical properties, characterization, Comput. and Carbon Modeling

6. Environment and Energy

7. Biological and Medical Applications

8. Industrial Applications


Submissions and Registration:

1) Corresponding authors must submit an abstract (in Portuguese, English or Spanish) using the form that is given below. The abstract file must be in RTF or DOC format (prepared using MS-Word or compatible word processor). The work must be submitted by August 14, 2015. The corresponding author of each accepted abstract must make the payment of the registration fee until October 14, 2015, in order to guarantee the inclusion of the abstract in the Book of Abstracts. After making the payment, please inform us by e-mail (carbono2015.ufes [at] Please, write on the subject line: Confirmation of payment - -.

           Registration and Work submission Form  (STEP ALMOST COMPLETED)

2) Other author/researchers and other professionals or students (who are not corresponding authors): they should fill the form that is given below (in RTF or DOC format) and sent to the e-mail: carbono2015.ufes [at] 1) Please, write on the subject line: Registration Form - -.

           Registration form for participation - click here

       Your registration will only be accepted on a permanent basis after payment. After making the payment, please inform us by e-mail (carbono2015.ufes [at] Please, write on the subject line: Confirmation of payment - -.

Registration Fees:


ABCarb members

Non ABCarb members


Until 14/10/2015

After 14/10/2015

Until 14/10/2015

After 14/10/2015


R$ 260

R$ 300

R$ 400

R$ 450


R$ 130

R$ 150

R$ 200

R$ 225



The event is being organized by the Research Group on Carbon and Ceramic Materials of the Federal University of Espirito Santo (UFES), with the support of the Brazilian Carbon Association (ABCarb).



Federal University of Espirito Santo – UFES

Center for Exact Sciences - CCE/UFES

Graduate Program in Physics – PPGFis / UFES

Brazilian Carbon Association – ABCarb



     FAPES (Fund. de Amparo à Pesquisa e Inovação do Esp. Santo)


CNPq  (Conselho Nacional de Desenv. Científico e Tecnológico)

                                                        ( )

       CAPES  (Fund. Coord. de Aperf. de Pessoal de Nível Superior)

                                                        ( )

             Benemec Carbon

                                                               ( )

             Vale S/A 

                                                                                                        ( )


Other Information: If you want more detailed information, you can follow:

Web site translated to English (by using Google Translator) click here:


Francisco Emmerich

President of the Organizing Committee

E-mail: carbono2015.ufes [at]

Prof. Francisco Guilherme Emmerich
Federal University of Espirito Santo
Laboratory of Carbon and Ceramic Materials
Department of Physics
Av. Fernando Ferrari, 514
29075-910 Vitória – ES, Brazil
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